Dragon boat

Basic dragon boat information

Open canoe-shape boat of 12.5m in length decorated with a dragon’s head on the nose and a tail on the stern.

The boat crew consists of up to 20 sitting paddlers: 10 on the right, 10 on the left; a drummer sitting near the nose and a stern paddler standing at the stern and steering the direction. One boat can hold up to 21 clients; the stern paddler post will always be our instructor. Recommended minimum number of clients is 12 per boat.

Both men and women of all age categories and various physical capabilities can board the boat and collectively show that, as one team, they can do much more than an individual. The reward comes with collective success in the race or practice bringing collective joy and celebration.

Prior to the actual water activity, a theoretical instruction is always given on the land where the individual stern paddlers gather their crews and inform them further.

1. A single dragon boat is available for rent by groups, schools or a bunch of friends; ½ day, full day

2. We will be happy to prepare dragon boat race for you. 2-6 boats available. Calculations and programmes upon request.



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