About Us

How did it all start?

With a little exaggeration, it started at a playground. That was where we met for the first time and slowly, the meetings changed from coincidental to regular. While our now more than two year old young ladies still only find out what it means to have friends, we, their parents, have already realized that together, we could achieve many things.

None of us was born in Lipno; however, it has become our passion and can no longer imagine our lives without it. All nature’s amenities meet the countless sport options, activities as well as passive recreation for children and adults here.

Together, we have realized that we could provide anyone coming to spend their holidays or just a weekend at Lipno more fun through a selection of various activities.


Each one of us is good at something different. We complement each other. We do many things and come up with ideas collectively; nevertheless, we all have our internal responsibilities and specializations.


Sarka Knotkova

Motto: Live life to its fullest, learn and face challenges…

I am particularly responsible for organizing and supporting our activities and trips.

I have always loved languages, exploring foreign countries and meeting people so, my job has become my hobby. I had graduated from a tourism college in Karlovy Vary and was then showing our attractive sites around our country to foreigners and guided Czech tourists abroad for about 15 years. I had an opportunity to improve my school French, English, German, and Russian during my internships in Canada and France which became my second home. I learned a lot when I was working for an accommodation agency managing 80 apartments and administering the bookings and communicating with owners as well as travel agents. Sports are the best way to relax. Particularly skiing, paragliding and inline skating in my case.

Why Lipno nad Vltavou? Honza had found a job here and I fell in love with it instantly. You open the apartment door and you are immediately surrounded by a beautiful nature offering abundant sport options. We have also found great friends and that is the most important thing!

I wanted to use all my experience in a new job. Thanks to meeting Martina, who had become our motion power and put our thoughts and ideas in order, the plans begun materializing…


Honza Veber

Motto: Be happy and make other happy, too. Keep riding at full speed.

I bring visions to our team and look after the technical aspect of the sporting activities.

I am always drawn by allowing our clients to experience new and unknown things and I always strive to push them to the edge of their capabilities during our activities, however, I always focus on their safety and maximum satisfaction. I do not do things I cannot do.

Sports are an integral part of my life; they are my drug and I cannot live without them. I was born a Cancer under weir in Steken on the Otava river. All this, of course, affects my life. I started riding a kayak when I was six and throughout my canoe racing career, I have ridden all boat types from speed to wild water ones. Over the recent years, I have been doing performance rafting and sometimes also ride dragon boats. The other sport close to my heart is skiing and anything on snow. I, too, consider France and especially the Trois Vallées area my second home. In addition to sports, I have also managed to graduate from a college of education discovering my own hidden language drawers. One of my majors was Spanish. When I graduated, I started off my career as a professional tour guide and amateur traveller. Environment I have lived in have always allowed me to absorb other languages, such as German, Dutch, English, French, and a little bit of Greek and Russian. Why Lipno? I don’t know but it is my second attempt to start here and it seems permanent. Perhaps due to the fact that it provides me with everything I need in my life while being close to the wilderness.

Experience: Long-term member of William&Delwin Prostejov rafting and representation team; Denali expedition team member – first Gibraltar raft crossing; first run on the Nuchca river in Taiga; rafting and kayaking on Sun Kosi; and other expeditions. One of the first two IRF guides for the Czech Republic; participated on Xwing Rally skiing competition in France; first wild water run on a dragon boat. Currently, Director of the Lipno Dragon Botas Race event; manager and coach and sparring partner of the Hanace Rafters representation crews; member of the preparation committee for 2012 European rafting championship.


Martina Smuclerova Sladkova

Motto: Nothing is impossible.

I am particularly responsible for: economics, accounting, taxes, basic legislation, calculations, supplier negotiations and everything to do with finance and company operation.

I am the economic brain of our business. Numbers and spreadsheets are my pot of tea. I have graduated from the University of Economics and, while still studying, I started working as a financial analyst and later on, shifted to the risk management field with an international financial institution. But soon, I realized that working with people is much more exciting than working with numbers and that was the beginning of my managerial career. After I had moved to another financial institution, I started focusing on the business aspect more and more and finally stuck with a Sales Director position in a company of who is now my husband. When our daughter was born, we were looking for a place that would allow us to raise her in a high-quality environment and found Lipno. We never dreamt of staying here for good. I have gradually started focusing on apartment lettings and came up with number of things that could be done in a different and better way. With me, words are not far away from actions and I begun thinking about the way around it. My tourism field experience is, however, literally non-existent and thus, the option to join Sarka and Honza possessing the necessary experience and being always full of ideas came very handy.


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