Company events

We will prepare a teambuilding event for your company in accordance with your requirements; we will provide different versions and arrange all services.

Advantages of cooperating with us:

    * Perfect knowledge of the Lipno environment and conditions

    * Long-term functional cooperation with the local authority

    * Many years of experience preparing teambuilding and event activities

    * Own sports equipment

    * Access to and contacts for renting other non-traditional sports equipment

Events we have already organized for our clients at Lipno:

    * Dragon boat race at the Lipno reservoir

    * Combined dragon boat race and geocaching – Looking for the Lipno treasure

    * Tandem flights – paragliding - new

    * Orienteering race with traditional as well as not-so-traditional disciplines

    * "Rental shop" – Selected sporting equipment can be tried out without engaging in the race – dragon boat, canoe, kayaks, rafts, inline skates, bicycles, sailboats, four oars, zorbing, low rope center, etc.

    * Fishing competition

    * Excursions in power plant in Lipno nad Vltavou

    * Rafting on the Vltava river

    * Snowshoe trips

    * Torch rafting

    * Dog teams

We will provide you the full service:

    * We will prepare several version of the possible programme and will respect your requirements

    * We will take care of all necessary equipment and supplies

    * We work with experienced and licensed instructors

    * We will evaluate the results and arrange photo documentation of the entire event

    * We will arrange accommodation within the Lipno area

    * We will arrange catering service

Each client’s bespoke programme is prepared individually. Please, reach us by email or telephone.

We will provide you with several versions with price calculations.

New: We will provide Garmin eTrex satellite navigation devices for your event

Price: CZK140/device/day, multiple-day discount



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